Freightlink have an extensive involvement with freight and the shipping of cargo for many years. They are a leading European freight ferry ticket agency.

They sell freight ferry tickets to Couriers, Hauliers, Manufacturers and many other business sectors across Europe, for more than 550 ferry routes operating across more than 30 countries.

ServicesDesign, Web Design, Digital


Communicate important regulation changes within their industry...

Freightlink were looking for an effective way to communicate important regulation changes within their industry, both internally and more importantly to their clients.

It needed to clearly inform their clients how the changes were going to affect them and the industry. The piece would also be used across social media, potentially being used by other industry blogs, to help drive traffic to Freightlink’s website.

In addition, Freightlink wanted to update their motion graphics, as the use of video had proved to be successful in the past. The content requirements had since changed, so they required a refreshed video which they could use to raise awareness, providing an overview of their services and which could act as a landing page for promotional activities.


Digital content designed to inform and engage key markets

Freightlink had a very clear idea of the information they wanted to communicate. So we designed an infographic that would allow us to divide the information up into manageable sections. These bite sized chunks made the piece easier to quickly understand, we also broke these sections up visually, by varying the design and appearance itself. We continue working closely with the team at Freightlink, to ensure all the information was correct and up to date, before rolling the final design out in both English and Polish to cater for their two largest markets.
The branding of the motion graphics were refreshed, the content updated and a fresh, new design was applied.

The infographic we distributed helped improve our site search engine ranking for MARPOL which 12 months after creation we still receive visits to. We used a variety of platforms to promote the infographic such as blogs, e-mail marketing and social media, to engage the audience, getting them talking about the industry changes. The page hosting our infographic is one of our top referral paths from our news site to our booking site and drives a 60% new visitor rate.


In motion...

“We are Northwest took the time to listen to what we wanted to achieve, then visualised our ideas into a perfect communication piece. We worked through several different versions, testing various ideas from the team. They happily reworked the drafts to ensure we got it right. We are still using the piece that ‘We are Northwest’ created for us, as it’s still fresh and relevant. It’s been a great investment.”

Stewart Thompson, SEO Manager, Freightlink