Georgia Shiels is a 19 year old English rally driver who has already displayed natural talent and speed during her short rallying career so far. Georgia is on a journey to hopefully become the first ever female World Rally Champion, supported by the announcement that she was a winner of Jack Wills Young Brit 2015 in the competitive category of Endurance.

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Attract and inspire companies to sponsor and invest in her...

Georgia had started out rallying as a hobby, but as she became a more professional rally driver, her marketing material also needed to reflect this development. She needed more ‘polished’ collateral, both on and offline, to inspire corporate sponsorship. This included creating an online video of Georgia in action, to demonstrate her skills.

Georgia’s branding needed a fresh new look, one which conveyed her exciting career. Her promotional material is used to inspire companies to provide her with sponsorship, so it also needed to look professional to attract businesses to invest in her. We worked with Georgia, bouncing various ideas off each other, before we developed a new brochure and promotional video for her. We put together footage of Georgia’s rallying videos, wrapping them in her branding and included sponsorship information.


Driving up interest in a future world champion...

A brochure with a professional yet vibrant look and feel, which really suits Georgia’s brand. We even helped her to find a printer to sponsor her new brochures. The promotional video was distributed across various social media platforms, increasing brand awareness. Georgia also used the video at various meetings and presentations, to quickly convey what she had to offer to sponsors – the audience feedback was fantastic.

Georgia Shiels Rallying

In motion...

“Apart from ‘a change’ I didn’t really have a design brief for Stephen, yet he produced exactly what I needed and wanted. The new brochure he created has helped me to look much more professional to potential sponsors. I called ‘We are Northwest’ to ask if there was any way they could shorten the already tight deadline for production of my brochures – amazingly they didn’t see it as an issue and delivered on time. I have found that the new brochures have opened a lot more doors to corporate sponsorship. They look professional, yet exciting and inspiring – perfect for rallying.”

Georgia Shiels, Rally Driver