Portunus Solutions

A solution that meets the need and generates results…

Portunus specialise in helping customers find profitable solutions to the challenges of multi-modal supply chain operations, including gaining improved reliability and availability of its critical assets.

Portunus do this through defining and recommending the right blend of proven technology, skills and work processes needed to meet client-specific demands and budget. ROI targets are established and delivered.

As a new business Portunus needed everything, ready to launch into a competitive industry – a logo, brand, website, social media profile and stationery templates were required prior to day one. Portunus wanted the brand to reflect the partnership approach and had to portray the professionalism of the business.

The new logo and branding was to then be applied to all prospect and client ‘touch points’, there would be consistency across social media and corporate communications.

“No out of the box offerings to impress and cut development effort, but real solutions to deliver what I wanted and more importantly to help me to understand what I really needed. Stephen is a strong communicator who set’s clear boundaries, meaning that at all times we both know where we stood on the development pathway. I recommend Stephen and his studio team, unreservedly”

Kevin Hawes, Founder, Portunus Solutions

Initially we needed a logo which worked for both the industry sector and the Portunus’ business style, so we developed the concept of rings or links in a chain. We then worked on the website structure and design, making changes as required until we were able to confidently apply the same styling to the social media platforms. Finally we stripped the design back to develop, clean, easy to use stationery templates, including presentation slides, letterhead and business cards.

Portunus now have a brand that can really ‘hold its own’ in a competitive marketplace. Feedback from existing and potential clients has been very positive, ensuring everyone is aware that Portunus is now open for business, providing a professional, partnership-based service.

We created not just what the client wanted, but what Portunus Solutions really needed to generate results from the investment they were making in their brand as their business developed.

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