Google now highlights mobile friendly websites

Google recently started to roll out a new update that will highlight mobile-friendly websites in its search results. This is designed primarily for iPhones and Android devices. They have also said that mobile design is being tested as a ranking factor.


So what does this mean?

This means that mobile optimised websites could see an increase in mobile traffic, and as we mentioned in a previous post, with it being believed that this year we could see mobile browsing overtake desktop browsing, that’s quite a big thing.

So what does Google consider to be a mobile optimised website? Well Google links us to this page to explain how it determines this. There are a good few factors that it looks at, but the main ones are that your site doesn’t require horizontal scrolling and that your content is readable without zooming. Also, that you avoid using software that is uncommon on a mobile devices (like Flash).

Could this affect you? Find out by running this test or get in touch for a website review.