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We are Northwest 2017 Showreel

We have released our latest showreel that highlights some of the great work we’ve done over the past year.

We are exhibiting at the DMR in Preston

We are exhibiting at the DMR in Preston We're pleased to announce we are exhibiting at the Digital Marketing Roadshow event in Preston on the 8th of November. We've attended these events in the past and they've always been jam packed and great fun. The main aim of this Digital Expo is to help businesses [...]

How to make your website GDPR compliant

How to make your website GDPR compliant You might have heard a lot about the The General Data Protection Regulation or ‘GDPR’ recently. These are the new rules governing how companies manage and handle personal data. It’s scheduled to be enforced on the 25th May 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced by [...]

New Sponsorship Deal Kicks Off at Bury FC

New Sponsorship Deal Kicks Off at Bury FC We are proud to announce we have joined "The Shakers" this season as a sponsor. With a view to helping them to ultimately attract more partners we're already helping them deliver a consistent, professional brand experience to potential corporate sponsors and supporters. And we have some exciting projects [...]

Pokemon Go: Gamification in Action

Pokemon Go: Gamification in Action If perchance you have been living under a rock, Pokemon Go is a mobile application available for Android and iOS which provides a real world GPS driven map on the screen, and when the user moves, their avatar moves in the same direction and speed as them. During this, little [...]

How do you use a website effectively to grow your business?

How do you use a website effectively to grow your business? Every business has a website, or at least I hope they do. If you don’t, then using it effectively is the least of your problems and I think we need to talk… but, for those who do, just think for a moment how do [...]

What has gotten everyone talking about responsive design again?

What has gotten everyone talking about responsive design again? It's been a hot topic for a quite while it seems, but it did seem to quieten down for a bit. So what’s got everyone talking about it again? Google. That’s what. As you all know Google updates how it ranks and finds content on the [...]

We are Northwest attend the first Lancashire Business Expo 2015

Well it’s been nearly a week now since joined some of Lancashire’s finest at the Lancashire Business Expo 2015 in the Guild Hall, Preston. We have to say, it was our first time exhibiting and it was great fun to meet so many local businesses. Our USB pen drives went down really well and we […]

New Dynamic Video Content for HR Consultants – People Dynamics

We recently completed a fantastic video project for our friends over atPeople Dynamics HR. They provide HR solutions to deal with operational and strategic personnel issues. They also offer specialist HR expertise and provide best practice solutions with a pragmatic and objective approach for small and medium business clients in the private, public and voluntary sectors. […]

How to introduce video content into your marketing

How to introduce video content into your marketing There’s no getting around the fact that using video on your website is beneficial in many ways. It helps increase your SEO (despite what Google might tell you); it increases the amount of time people will spend on your website; and done well, it can considerably increase [...]

Get love in a box from

We recently completed one of our first website design projects – Working in partnership with James Brockbank fromJames Brockbank Ltd., we designed, built and delivered a fully responsive e-commerce website., for a small price, offer a personally curated delivery of adult indulgence! The website itself is fully responsive and has been designed and built […]

New online video content for Loft Boarding North West

During the tail end of 2014 we completed a job for the Lancashire based company Loft Boarding North West. They create amazing storage facilities in any loft space new and old and are the leading certified and manufacturer approved installer of LoftZone Flooring storage solutions for the North of the UK. They also cater to […]

Happy New Year! 2015, here we come!

Happy new year everyone and welcome to 2015! As I’m sure you guessed, everything is back to normal now. We are back open and good to go for 2015! It’s been a busy start to the year for us with a number of projects on the go as well as some exciting projects booked in for […]

Christmas and New Year opening times

Our first Christmas is nearly here, and it’s been an exciting and a busy first 6 months of business. Hopefully we’ll have a more indepth update soon, and we’ve got some exciting projects lined up for the new year and we can’t wait to get cracking! But until then we thought we’d put something up […]

Google now highlights mobile friendly websites

Google recently started to roll out a new update that will highlight mobile-friendly websites in its search results. This is designed primarily for iPhones and Android devices. They have also said that mobile design is being tested as a ranking factor. So what does this mean? This means that mobile optimised websites could see an […]

Increase your web traffic and improve your conversion rate by optimising your site based on goals…

There are a lot of ways you can increase traffic to your website, including services like adwords, pay-per-click advertising, Social Media advertising and SEO campaigns. Unfortunately, these usually require you to part with cash that you might not have. However, there are a few things you can do right now that can help improve your online presence […]

How to create content that will drive increased traffic and conversion

This is the follow up post from ‘How to Increase your web traffic and improve conversions‘. In this blog post we look at content creation; how to create content that targets your market and how to introduce this new content onto your website. So what does your content have to do with getting more traffic […]

6 steps to get you on the right track with Facebook

Someone recently told me that social media is the new word of mouth. They were spot on. People don’t talk to each other in the same way they used to. Their interactions with each other now consists of instant messages, pokes, snap chats and status updates. This means social media is a must for businesses […]

What can we learn from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

For the past few weeks it’s been impossible to ignore the viral success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. People have been drenching themselves with ice cold water to raise awareness for a great cause (ALS or Motor Neurone Disease) and that in itself has helped raise over £2 million in the UK, and considerably […]

Getting social and standing out from the crowd

We’ve been doing a fair bit for ourselves of late, like getting active on social media, sorting out our own e-mail marketing and we’ve even got cracking on our very own e-book about E-mail Marketing (sign up below and you’ll receive a free copy as soon as it’s ready). hile we were taking part in […]

Our guide to make sure you are getting the most out of Twitter

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been speaking to people about using social media, specifically Twitter, and a good proportion of them hadn’t touched it. However, they had heard that it was something they should be looking at and making use of. So we decided to put together a quick guide for people new to […]

The many benefits of online video marketing

More and more businesses and big brands are discovering the benefits of online video. It’s where most people spend their time online. Think about it, Youtube (which is now the second largest search engine next to Google) gets over 4 billion views every day. And it’s been proven that people are more likely to watch […]

Quick Thought: These things take time

Having worked in the creative industry for close to 10 years, we have heard and sometimes experienced unrealistic deadlines or the client who thinks their budget should go infinitely further then it feasibly can, and these things are normal. Our job as design professionals (and that’s not just Northwest) is not only about providing our […]

The importance of User Experience and why it’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The term user experience (often referred to as UX for short) gets banded about quite a lot, especially in the digital industry. But what is user experience and is it something you should be looking at for current or future projects? User experience is something we’ve all come across. Not only that, but we’ve all […]

Building a sustainable product; the increasing need for responsive design and why not having it could be costing you…

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have forever changed the approach to designing, building and developing websites. But more importantly, and the main reason they have had such a big effect on it, is that it’s also changed how we consume information. Not so long ago if you wanted to look at someones website you […]

Welcome, We are Northwest and we make awesome stuff

Hello and welcome to the first incarnation of our website, and more specifically our blog. As I’m sure you know by now, we are Northwest Creative Studio, although we generally just refer to ourselves as Northwest, not sure why. It just seems to be the name that stuck. We are a small creative agency based […]