Increase your web traffic and improve your conversion rate by optimising your site based on goals…

There are a lot of ways you can increase traffic to your website, including services like adwords, pay-per-click advertising, Social Media advertising and SEO campaigns. Unfortunately, these usually require you to part with cash that you might not have. However, there are a few things you can do right now that can help improve your online presence and gradually increase your traffic and overall conversions.

Optimise your pages based on goals – what do we mean by this?

Your business has goals, growth for example. To help achieve this you have a number of tools at your disposal. Your website being one of them. Whether your website’s job is to generate new leads or to simply demonstrate your expertise in your field, it has a role and contributes to the overall business goals in some manner (or it should). In much the same way your business makes use of the website, your website makes use of its pages. Each page has a goal that contributes to the overall goal of the website. These can differ from page to page or they might all be the same.

One page might be specifically designed and optimised to get someone to fill in a form or signup to your e-mail newsletter. Another page might be optimised to generate a phone call or an e-mail. These are typically the types of goals we set when it comes to our websites – to generate a call, e-mail, or to get their details. To achieve this, your call to action needs to be crystal clear and enticing in order to work effectively. Too much going on and not enough focus will confuse the user and they will simply go elsewhere, or they won’t know what to do.

To summarise, look at your website and determine how you’d like your site to help your business. Then look at how you currently use your site and ask yourself “is it clear what I want people to do? Is there any incentive for them to do this?”.

Some agencies might tell you you need a new website. While it may benefit from a facelift, this isn’t always the case. It may just be outdated with what you need it to do today and just needs some attention. Going through these steps (and the next few steps) can help you identify where you need to focus that attention and re-evaluate what you want and need from your website, and get you on the right path to achieving that.

In our next blog post we will look at updating and refreshing your message to bring it in-line with your new goals whilst helping you speak to your target audience.